Signalanalys via SM5TAH:s AirSpy+SDR-IQ

Tack från Angel Perez från Estland som använt min AirSpy via webben för signalanalys,
We give thanks and credits to you.
My friend ANgazu and I are almost done going through nearly 30GB of recordings of broadband transmissions that took place in the portfion of 6.9-7 MHz band during October and November, monitoring was also possible thanks to SM5TAH/Mats who made available its broadband SDR receiver (Airspy HF+, SDR-IQ). As already discussed in previous posts, we think they were trial transmissions aimed at fixing the performance of modified waveforms with respect to the relative reference standards (118-110D App.D and 188-141D App.G) especially with regard to the fourth-generation ALE. Some of these tests were most likely conducted by Harris, as they more specifically concerned the 3GWB ALE (WBALE) and WHARQ broadband waveforms, although we did not find news or information about.
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